2015 HKKC Round 2

日期: 2015年 4月 19日

Date: April 19, 2015

地點: 廣東三水森林賽車俱乐部

Venue: Guangdong SanShui Forest Automobile Race Association

此賽事只接受香港小型賽車會會員參加; 規例根據香港小型賽車會定下之2015度賽例執行。

This race is exclusive for the entry of HKKC members. It will be governed by a set of 2015 Sporting and Technical Regulations set-forth by HKKC,any additional supplementary regulations and/or amendments or instructions issued by the HKKC during the race shall have the same force.

方向 Race Direction : 順時針 Clockwise

2015_hkkc R2 Race Notice

2015 HKKC R2_Driver Entry Form