2013 HKKC Round 4

賽事通告 Race Notice
Year 2013 HKKC Championship Round 4

Date: October 5 to 6, 2013
日期: 2013年 10月 5 – 6日

Venue: Guangdong SanShui Forest Automobile Race Association
地點: 廣東三水森林賽车俱乐部

It will be governed by 2013 Sporting and Technical Regulations setforth
by Hong Kong Kart Club, Shenzhen XTreme Speedway and San Shui Forest Automobile Race Association, any additional supplementary regulations and/or amendments or instructions issued by the three kart clubs during the race shall have the same force.

此賽事由香港小型賽車會、深圳極速賽車會及三水森林賽车俱乐部聯合舉辦; 規例根據香港小型賽車會、深圳極速賽車會以及三水森林賽车俱乐部定下之2013年度賽例執行。

2013_hkkc R4 Race Notice

2013 HKKC R4_Driver Entry Form