2013 CIK Academy Trophy

10) The Entrant must be the father, the mother or the legal guardian of the Driver.

13d) A deposit cheque of 600 Euros guaranteeing that the candidate participates in all the Trophy Events and returns the equipment used in good condition to the single-supplier of karts.

15) Drivers who are at least 13 years old (or who reach their 13th birthday during the year) and 15 years old as a maximum (not reaching their 16th birthday before 31st December of the year concerned).

16) Drivers shall be selected by their respective ASNs- one Driver per ASN. An entry will be reserved for a lady Driver selected by the FIA Women & Motor Sport Commission.

>> HK Kart Club entitled one seat for the events of 2013.

33) Each ASN of which one or several Drivers has/have entered the Trophy must pay to the CIK-FIA 242 Euros to contribute to the common Prize Fund which rewards the CIK-FIA Championships.

34) Entry fees and entries must be paid and sent by the Entrant. The CIK-FIA must have received entries at the latest on the closing date of entries, set at 30 March. The entry fee per Driver for the Trophy is 1,999 Euros (146 Euros of which will be paid to each Organiser). This fee includes the supply by the CIK-FIA of a Yearbook and the fee for tents (one 3×4.5m tent per Driver) which will be pitched by the CIK-FIA in the Paddock and which it shall be mandatory for every Driver to occupy.

The government and HK Kart Club should have funding for the application fee.

(EURO 2049 + 600 deposit @ 2013/4/17) (subject to approval)

The accommodation and traffic expense may also be applied in the LCSD funding scheme. (subject to approval)

Race days :

2013/6/2 (ESSAY, FRANCE)


2013/8/16 (SKAT KART, ROMANIA)

Anyone one who is interested please send your information such as: Name, Hong Kong ID, Date of birth to Hong Kong Kart Club Administration Office by Fax or Email before 25thMarch2013 so as to enable us to do the selection.

For more information, please find the following 2012 REGULATIONS for your reference.