# FAQ 2. Recommendation 車會建議

Do not rush into this sport with too little preparation. If you do, you may quickly tire of minor setbacks and never enjoy the real fun of Karting. Go and attend one of the Race Meetings. Look over the types of equipment in the pits, study them in action and talk to the owners or drivers. Most karters will be happy to discuss the merits of various products and give you their valuable experience.

小型賽車種類繁多, 新參加者選擇車架時應詳細考慮其設計及機件性能, 否則一經購入, 未符理想, 興趣迅即索然。本會更希望有興趣參加者親臨比賽參觀, 更可與在場車手交換心得, 體會一下小型賽車之樂趣!