# FAQ 1. Introduction 小型賽車簡介

Introduction of Karting

When you race a kart you are motor racing.  The FIA is the body which controls the whole of motor sport throughout the world.  It appoints one organization in each country to look after events within its boundaries.  The Hong Kong Kart Club Ltd. is delegated with the authority to control and administer karting in Hong Kong.


小型賽車是賽車運動的一種。 賽車運動的舉行是受到管制的。 目前許多國家都設立賽車會, 而世界各國的賽車會都受到世界賽車聯會 (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile 簡稱FIA)管轄。 香港小型賽車會就是獲得授權控制及管理本港之小型賽車活動。