About Us

Club Profile

  • Non-profit organisation to govern and promote karting in Hong Kong;
  • Member of The Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC);
  • Has been recognising by HKSI as Tier-B sport and receiving HK$1.5M for elite athlete development;
  • National Sport Association (NSA) for karting delegated with authority to administer and control Kart competition and activity in Hong Kong in accordance with the International Sporting Code of the Federation Internationale de l’ Automobile (FIA);
  • Member of the Hong Kong Motor Sport Council;
  • Affiliated to Hong Kong Automobile Association (HKAA).


  • Karting as a general sport in Hong Kong


  • To strengthen strong sporting sense in karting;
  • To promote safe driving through the professional training for karters;
  • To educate road safety concept and proper driving habit for the next generation;
  • To work closely with sports and community organizations to enhance the development of karting;
  • To encourage participation by providing easy access for both junior and senior karters.



  • 本地非牟利小型賽車體育總會,負責管理及推廣香港小型賽車比賽及活動;
  • 唯一受香港特區認可之小型賽車監管機構並獲署方在行政及財務上支援;
  • 中國香港體育協會暨奧林匹克委員會的會員,是香港唯一的小型賽車體育總會 (NSA);
  • 獲香港體育學院認可為Tier-B精英體育項目,每年運動員可獲支助近150萬港元;
  • 香港汽車運動委員會的會員;
  • 香港汽車會的會員.


  • 小型賽車運動成為本港普及運動之一


  • 加強市民對小型賽車運動的熱愛和認識;
  • 透過專業的小型賽車訓練課程來推廣安全駕駛;
  • 與體育及社區團體緊密合作,促進香港的小型賽車運動發展;
  • 給予容易接觸的渠道來鼓勵青少年及資深車手參與小型賽車運動